The magnificent Paris is filled with the romance, the most magnificent and luxurious of a fashion capital, the film capital of the world. If one time to admire the romantic beauty of Paris, nothing is equal. So what is so interesting about France that attracts visitors? Let's take a walk around France!

Discover the film capital of Cannes in France
Cannes is a large city located on the coast of France, famous for the largest film festival on the planet. Cannes is known for its wealth and prosperity, as the paradise of luxury hotels and restaurants. So, if you have been traveling to France, don't miss this beautiful city, try walking on the red carpet at the largest and most prestigious film capital in the world. Every year, here are international festivals with the convergence of hundreds of A-list actors worldwide. Not only that, the city of Cannes is also one of the largest convention centers in France, where regular international meetings take place. 

The city of Canenes not only has cinema but also historical destinations: Lerins Monastery is famous for the wines and liqueurs produced by monks made of grapes grown on the surrounding land. ; watchtower in the old town Suquet where visitors can easily admire the panoramic view of the glittering city of Cannes below; Port Grimaud town is known as the Venise of Provence or bathing at the beautiful Pampelonne in Cannes ...

Admire the magnificent beauty of the Eiffel Tower - the pride of the French people
The Eiffel Tower is a symbol of France and no one when traveling to France does not want to see and climb to its highest point. The Eiffel Tower took 2 years, 2 months and 5 days to be able to complete the tallest tower in France to date. Night is the perfect time to capture all its beauty in sight, every 5 minutes Eiffel is lit up with more than 20,000 lights and 336 lighting projectors making Eiffel stand out and romantic. more than ever.

This tower is also a historical witness to France, through many ups and downs of history, there are times when it seems to be destroyed by the war but it still stands there, resilient, fierce as a fine gift. god for the will of the French people. Because of that, many countries in the world because of admiration for beauty and historical significance have created copies with many different creations. But in general, if you love Eiffel, come to France to see the original.

Walk around the most magnificent Elysees avenue with luxurious shops
Boulevard Champs - Elysees is a large and famous boulevard of the city of Paris, stretching more than 1 mile tuwftoaf arched house in Place de la Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe, the location of the Arc de Triomphe.

Because the rent is too expensive, very few people live but most are fashion boutiques, restaurants or high-end hotels. Along the avenue are spacious sidewalks, 2-row green trees, and famous names of the world's fashion villages such as Adidas, Nike, Zara, Cartier ... or shops, cafes, cinemas ... It is also the site of many military parades. For shopping enthusiasts, Elysees is truly paradise, depending on your ability, you can shop at the best price.

See the poetic beauty of France on the Seine
It is true that France is romantic so there is no shortage of poetic beauty and Seine is also one of such destinations. To see and enjoy the serene beauty on both sides of the river, you can use a yacht or stroll by two rivers. Surfing on the peaceful but equally luxurious stream, you can immerse yourself in the open space, relax, enjoy the gentle, slow pace of life. Along the two banks of the river are world cultural heritages recognized by Unesco or ancient mossy buildings.

This is also an ideal place for couples to come to pray with key chains of love and exchange passionate kisses.

Ecstatic with Lavender flower fields
A beauty that is definitely not to be missed when traveling to France is the purple Lavender flower fields in one area, and there are visitors who only wait for such a lavender to excuse to come to France. & immerse yourself in the poetic beauty here. Lavender (also known as lavender enjoy) is one of the typical herbs of the region of Provence, France. Lavender has the meaning of the passionate, passionate love of enduring love like its lasting fragrance.

This flower has a lot of uses and a pleasant fragrance that is usually placed in the closet for storage. In addition, it also works to treat migraine, has a tonic effect so it is often used as a tea. Lavender is not only used for sweet dishes, but also as a "raw vegetable", food served with salty food ...

Every 5,6,7 months, Lavender flowers bloom in the fields of French flowers full of dreamy purple, creating a romantic, sweet and charming aroma. It is interesting if you can see firsthand how to take care, harvest flowers of the farmers here and what is more wonderful than bringing back dreamy purple bouquets as a gift from France far away.

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