If you pay close attention to Thailand, you will see unique and new cultural features compared to other countries. From the greetings, showing respect to the apologies, goodbye has a common gesture of clasping your hands in front of your chest, known as greeting Wai. Thai culture has a lot of its own temperament formed from the country's long tradition and history. Below are a few examples:

Respect religion
The dominant religion in Thailand is Buddhism, especially Theravada Buddhism. In Thailand, Buddhism has its own unique feature compared to other religious countries, influenced by external factors such as traditional Chinese beliefs and Hindu practices, which build up a strong belief in Buddhism. It is believed that the local people, on many levels, have gradually shaped Thai Buddhism today.

Going everywhere in Thai land, you can easily come across small temples placed by people on the road, even outside a large shopping center to show their faith in traditional Buddhism. You will also see many Thai people wearing talisman or carrying lucky charms, although Buddhism prohibits superstition, belief in demons or spirits is very strong in Thailand. It is also important that the country and its people respect spiritual practitioners. You can meet them on the street, in the train or at festivals and be careful with your actions towards them. For example, on a public transport, you should give seats to the religious people, women must be careful with actions such as not touching, should not sit near them, ...

Respect and humiliation are important
In Thailand, these issues are more concerned than in Western countries. The use of words and greetings to Wai is only part of the Thai people's respect. In addition, there are many other issues such as you will be considered not allowed to visit someone's house without bringing any gifts, not taking off shoes before entering the house is also a sign of the disrespectful. Abusive and embarrassing a person in public, in front of many people is also an act of disrespect to the people that Thai people set out.

Patriotism and royal love are all
National pride is part of the Thai spirit. The country is proud that it is the only country in Southeast Asia that has never been invaded in the past. The national anthem will be played twice a day, every citizen who hears will stop everything and stand still until the song ends. National flags are placed everywhere, will be raised every morning on the national music background and lowered in the afternoon. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, headed by a king, so of course Thai people are very respectful and respect their royal family. The song about the king will be played before the movies begin in all cinemas. The majority of Thai people place their faith in their country, manifested by their long-term love for the country, expansion to Thailand's religion and monarchy.

Optimistic spirit, no worries at all
Thai people rarely show negative emotions such as anger, indignation or crying in public. That doesn't mean they don't have emotions or don't show when they're alone, they just don't want to lose face in front of people when showing people that negative side of themselves. And so Thais are often known as super comfortable people in front of many people. Visitors to Thailand will hear many times "Mai bpen rai", which means it's okay, don't worry, no problem, ... Oops you spilled a glass of water? Mai bpen rai. Did you fail the last exam? Mai bpen rai. Did you drive into a pedestrian and break their leg? Mai bpen rai, ... Many foreigners who come and witness some of these cases will think that Thai people are truly carefree, they do not value anything. But not,

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