Known as the adventure capital of the world, located on South Island of New Zealand, Queenstown has been capturing enthusiasts for decades. And up to now, the peaceful town is still one of the most popular tourist destinations in this country.

Famous for the town of Arrowtown, Kawarau suspension bridge, Lake Wakatipu ... the combination of outstanding blue lake and majestic mountains Remarkables makes us never surprised by the beauty of the ancient town of Queenstown.

Discover Queenstown

Nature offers New Zealand the perfect beauty of rivers, mountains, seas, lakes, and forests regardless of winter or summer. Especially clean atmosphere, low population density, no shortage of activities for you to explore and enjoy your vacation. A few attractions in Queenstown include the town of Arrowtown. Gold was discovered in the Arrow River in 1862 and a town of 1,000 miners soon became available. Many of the buildings are well preserved and used by European and Chinese immigrants dating back to the town's gold mining days. Until the source of gold was completely depleted, Arrowtown became a farm town with a population only a fraction of what it had been. Since 1950, this place has gradually become a popular tourist destination, attracting visitors thanks to the peaceful village beauty and the remnants of the golden rush period.

To enjoy the full view of Queenstown, you absolutely do not miss the experience of a hundred-year-old TSS Earnslaw steamship to visit Walter Peak Farm! This historic ship has served the people of Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu for more than 100 years. Commissioned by the New Zealand Railway in the early 20th century, parts of the train were built at Dunedin before being transported by train to the lake to assemble and operate there until now. . Currently, the ship operates for 11 months a year, transporting passengers between Queenstown and Walter Peak High Country Farm and serving sightseeing excursions on Lake Wakatipu.

If you've come to Lake Wakatipu, you definitely have to have one type of photo here, because the lake is very impressive unlike any lake in the world. Lake Wakatipu is an inland lake in the southern mountains, formed by the flow from the glacier, With a length of 80 km this is the longest lake in New Zealand and also the soul of Queenstown. Along the lake, people make a small trail for walking and cycling and you need a day to walk through the lake. Walking along the road next to the lake is an interesting feeling with cool air, and the beautiful natural scenery is always beautiful. The result is not exaggerated when Wakatipu is favored by photographers as "mirror". At every angle, the lake surface is peaceful and peaceful, reflecting the towering Southern Alps. As the name implies, it's hard to tell the difference between the sky and the water, which one is real.

What to play in Queenstown?

Well-managed and protected, Queenstown is still one of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, despite many tourists. What else is Queenstown apart from breathtaking nature? Unlike most areas of the South Island with modest idyllic towns, Queenstown is an incredibly bustling place with incredible cultural diversity. People come from all over the world, some live and work here, others enjoy an endless vacation. Here you will find lots of cafes and restaurants and in the evenings you can party in bars on the main street. The small beaches of the town center are both safe and easy to take a refreshing dip whenever you want.

Queenstown is the absolute must-visit place for adventure lovers. In winter, Queenstown becomes a skiing paradise, while summer is a long list of activities not to be missed such as paragliding, helicopter flying to bungee jumping. You can try bungee jumping at the Kawarau suspension bridge on the Shotover River. (This is a form of jumping from a fixed point high down in a foot position held by an elastic rope.) There are also many activities waiting for you in Queenstown, from mountain biking to Relax by the lakeside and explore the shopping streets of Queenstown full of independent shops and famous brands. If you've been to Queenstown then you definitely have to try some great sports with unbelievable terrain and scenery. In the winter is a skiing opportunity on Remarkables,  

There are many discoveries made from Queenstown, including the beautiful Wanaka, Te Anau and the famous Milford Sound Bay. Queenstown is also a transit point to Twizel and Aoraki Village.

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