If you are planning a trip to Europe, and the destination is Milan, here is a list of things you need to do to capture all the most interesting experiences in this beautiful capital.

Admire the mural "Last Supper"
"The Last Supper" is a famous fresco of the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci is one of the most popular tourist attractions when coming to Milan, the mural is currently kept in the chapel of Santa Maria delle Grazie. However, getting tickets to admire the mural is more difficult than tickets to watch the Prada fashion show. If you are lucky enough to get a ticket to see the mural, take advantage of your valuable time to look carefully at the expressive lines from horror, hostility to despair on the faces of the disciples of God when hear God hear the news among the disciples who betrayed God.

Visit Milan cathedral - Doumo
This is the most magnificent and splendid cathedral in Milan, a place that any tourist should visit, even if not a Catholic, this place still brings you interesting experiences for architecture. and the astonishing scale of the church. The building was built in the 1386 and culminated in Gothic art, this is the largest church in Italy and the fourth largest in Europe. The church covers an area of ​​nearly 12,000 square meters, has 135 pointed needle spikes, and thousands of intricate sculpture statues throughout the church.

Sforzesco castle
It can be said that Sforzesco castle is the pride of all Italy and a must-have destination for any Italian tour itinerary. The castle today is not the original building, but underwent many historical upheavals, starting from a castle, then becoming the residence of Visconti royal family, then being demolished by the people and It was later rebuilt. This is the oldest castle in Milan, inside there are many galleries and especially, there is an Museum of Ancient Art. Sforzesco can be said as the cultural heart of Milan.

Teatro della scala theater
This is the first European theater Teatro della scala, which was inaugurated in 1778, and today is still one of the leading theaters in Europe. With a capacity of more than 2000 seats, this is the place for concerts, musicals with the participation of world famous artists. Overall the theater is still classical architecture, but the facilities inside are extremely modern with stage and high-end audio system.

Gallery Shopping Center victorio Emmanuel 
Milan is known as the world-class fashion capital, is the convergence of the leading fashion brands, so a trip to Milan must be indispensable with vibrant shopping destinations. Gallery victorio Emmanuel is the largest shopping center in Milan. The building is named after the first king of Milan, Victor Emmanuel II, with 5 massive floors and covered with glass and iron roofs so the light is extremely beautiful. This is an important work of the city, which welcomes most tourists around the world and even Milanese people see this as a familiar and often meet and gather place here. People even see Gallery victorio Emmanuel as "Milan's living room". Inside the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping street are countless fashion stores, jewelry stores, restaurants,

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