A place rich in history and considered an art paradise in Busan, is the Gamcheon art and culture village - where you must definitely come to visit this beautiful coastal city of Korea. Since its completion, Gamcheon has topped the list of places to visit in Busan. Gamcheon is an example of the success of urban renewal, besides perfect photography and exploration of the surrounding cafes and shops and experiences worth exploring and appreciating.

About Gamcheon art and culture village

Gamcheon is a tender highlight contrasting with modern skyscrapers in Korea. This small village nestled on a steep hillside was once a dilapidated slum, a refuge for refugees after the Korean War. The small population of a coastal village is rapidly growing as makeshift houses of wood, stone and iron grow everywhere. Over the years - after the war - as the rest of Busan grew at the same time as the tall buildings, Gamcheon and remained a poorer and less developed area than the rest of Busan with The difficulties of many people here have left to search for better opportunities.

In 2009, under the circumstance, the village completely changed its appearance when the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea launched an initiative to turn this area into a creative community instead of redeveloping the area. . To revive the village, artists were invited to and requested to stay in one of the free houses and in return were works of art that brighten the village, combining with local artists by Add dazzling pictures to old walls and paint flat roofs with pastel colors (ie soft and bright colors). With the color and structure of the stairs, Gamcheon art and culture village is favored by many names such as "Busan's Machu Picchu" (Machu Picchu is the name of the ruins of the Incas in Peru), " Korea's Santorini, ”and the Lego village,

Today, sculptures, murals and other artworks scattered throughout Gamcheon attract tourists and virtual devotees to visit Busan. Upon entering the village, you will be overwhelmed by handicraft shops, art galleries and street art.

Gamcheon is a success story about how art not only revived a boring village, but also made it one of the most visited places in Busan.

How to get to Gamcheon?

To get to Gamcheon Cultural Village, you have 4 options: take the Busan subway then catch the local bus, take a taxi, rent a private car and take a tour. Like most attractions in Busan, Gamcheon is easy to reach and not hard to find. The most popular and affordable way to get to the village is by local subway and bus. When you don't have much time, or want to set aside space for your family and friends, save time and energy by renting a private car with a driver that will take you to Gamcheon cultural village as fast as possible. . Rest assured, in addition to professional driving skills, the driver here also speaks English and is ready to introduce information about the village and the entire city of Busan. If traveling in a large group, you should definitely follow the tour.

What is the best time to visit Gamcheon?

You should visit this colorful village in the morning or at sunset. The village is crowded with tourists during the day, but due to its good management, the village has no crowds.

How much time does it take to explore Gamcheon?

Depending on your needs and desires and the time allowed, it usually takes at least three hours if you want to explore every corner. There are many hidden alleys, cute cafes and artwork that are worth seeing. If you also want to have some coffee at one of the art cafes around the village, you should add another hour to your journey. In short, you need half a day to explore the small alleys hidden like a jewel.

How to visit Gamcheon so professionally?

Since the village is still a residential area, tourists are required to respect the privacy of their hosts while exploring the area. So be careful not to make a lot of noise! Do not disturb the daily life of the locals. They are welcoming tourists from around the world to their neighborhoods in the most civilized way, so remember to respect their privacy!
Buy some souvenirs if possible. Many locals rely on their shops / cafes / restaurants as their main source of income.
Buy a Gamcheon art and culture village map.
Wear comfortable shoes and sweat-absorbing outfit! The alleys here are quite narrow and even if you have a map, you are easy to get lost. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes that are suitable for stairs and narrow alleys. Don't worry about getting lost, it's the only way to discover hidden gems!
Don't forget to fully charge the camera and phone as the scenery you are about to see is unbelievably beautiful!

So, what will I see in Gamcheon cultural village?

There is no entrance fee for Gamcheon Village, which is open 24/7 but most shops, cafes and restaurants are open from 9am to 6pm.

Visiting Gamcheon is a journey to explore another aspect of local life in Busan, leaving your mind and feet free to follow the alleys and corners. As a village revived by art, street art is found everywhere. Pay close attention to the fish on the wall - they are the route markers for you to follow and find the main attractions in Gamcheon. You will never run out of backgrounds to live virtual or find the topic of photography and writing in this village. The map will take you through all the important places, to see around the village. Some of the most important works of Gamcheon include: "The fish swam across the aisle" and Jin Yeongseop's "Message of hope", "The face of Gamcheon" by King Jongsun, " Sound of Gamcheon ”by Woo Jing, the giant coffee cup building…

There are a few interesting places like a book library with some quirky statues and sculptures. Or the small museum will give you a clear view of how the village was transformed. You can also see everyday items that residents use.

With steep terrain, walking is a good form of exercise. If you want more challenge, visit "Star Staircase", the reason the staircase is so named because locals often feel dizzy and dizzy feeling like seeing stars while climb it. It is also called Stair 148 - corresponding to the number of steps.

Head up to the highest point of the village, where you'll get a panoramic view of the entire village with sea views. Don't forget to take photos with one of Gamcheon's most important tourist attractions, the Little Prince statue next to the fox statue - these two are the most photographed locations. Along with street art, cafes and elegant shops make the Gamcheon cultural village more interesting on the Korean travel itinerary. Drop by to buy small souvenirs for family and friends or enjoy a cool drink rich in Busan, recharge with energy after the journey around the village!

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