Since September, when autumn is yellowing most Asian, European and American countries, Australia in the Southern Hemisphere will enter the new spring days. Visiting Canberra in the spring will not be complete. if not visit Floriade flower festival. This is a great time not only for participating in the spring celebration, but also to feel the full spirit of the people of Australia.

Floriade - enjoy flowers like Australians

Why should you come to Canberra this spring? Spring - that's when beautiful flowers bloom, the reappearance of native wildlife and also at Floriade, Canberra's most iconic annual travel event and the Spring Festival Australia's top, start. Every year more than one million flowers spread over 8,000 square meters of the inner city park and are not just a mere flower show. It is a diverse festival that works with music, cultural celebrations, food and wine, gardening workshops, art galleries, entertainment and other activities with each new topic each year. strange.

Besides walking, do not forget to enjoy flowers like Australians by admiring flowers from above with balloons or from a giant 35 m high rotation on site. It was time to leave the cold and dull winter behind and get ready for the new spring with Floriade. Take a leisurely walk and immerse yourself in the fragrant flowers!

This year the festival is held from September 14 to October 13 with the theme of "World In Bloom" (roughly translated: Everything in bloom) introducing amazing cultures from around the world, bringing you from Japanese waterways, a beautiful lotus in honor of Buddhism to Ireland's Celtic roots. The more specific details of the program so far are still kept secret by the organizers and promise to bring many surprises.

Origins Floriade flower festival

The Floriade Spring Festival was first held in 1988 to commemorate Australia's Duality Congress and Canberra's 75th Birthday and has been a regular spring activity since then. Held at Commonwealth Park on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, the month-long Floriade festival attracts more than 400,000 local, federal and international visitors each year from mid-September to mid-October.  

This event comes from a gardener named Peter Sutton, who sought to recreate the gardens according to the memories of his world tours. Supported by landscape designer Chris De Bruine, they co-founded Australia's national celebration in a colorful, colorful way.

Admission to Floriade is free, so it is an ideal choice for anyone from family, friends to couples. Every day there is a wide range of events including gardening, enjoying food and wine, traveling, sports, circus and crafts.

Can not help but mention the Floriade party

An additional event held in Floriade is the NightFest - a fantastic light festival combined with cutting-edge technology that makes it a shimmering wonderland. Running for only 4 days from October 3 to October 6, the NightFest program includes live music, comedy, DJ, cooking shows, night markets, touring performances and a range of great food options. .

Promise in the middle of spring

As expected of the largest flower festival in the Southern Hemisphere, Commonwealth Park is the size of 34 football fields and imagine how beautiful it would be when covered with colorful and virtuosity floral designs. with space for live music, seminars and food stalls. Floriade cannot be successful without a quality soil that allows the flowers to reach their full bloom. At that time, Floriade was jubilant in the color of violets, hyacinths, daisies, daffodils, lilies ... and especially tulips. Tulip bulbs need at least six months to grow in cool, dark soil before flowering. Therefore, Floriade flower planting takes place in the fall, with careful care and planning. Up to the present time, the organizers expect flower planting will be completed by mid-June.

Smaller than other Australian cities, the capital of Canberra is a great place to explore the parks scattered around and peaceful gardens, basking in the sun at the same warm cafes. loads of interesting places. The capital of Canberra has certainly become more alive during the Floriade, and do not forget other attractions such as visiting the iconic Sydney buildings, immersing yourself in the animal world. at Dandenong Ranges Park, visit Jervis Bay with dolphins swimming around ... on an Australian tour this spring!

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