Ring, ring, ring !!! Great Noel moments are on the way again !!!  Trees will be decorated with sparkling lights, snow will cover everywhere, waiting for you in the beautiful cities of Europe.  When Christmas comes, all destinations in Europe will be adorned with shimmering ornaments, the colorful pearls will be hung on giant pine trees and the lights. are put up in every corner, small alley of the European city, making them a day like a fairy garden, around Christmas time becomes even more magical.  If you want to experience the feeling of welcoming Noel really like in the fairy tales, Europe is the leading destination in thinking and no place can be surpassed.

A very unique feature in every city on this aging continent is the bustling Christmas markets people come to. The market will sell lovely Christmas items, the whole market will be decorated to look warm and bright with magical shimmering lights, with many interesting activities for everyone to spend time together. The funniest engraving of the year.

Christmas Market in Salzburg, Austria
Often held at Rupertikirtag, the large public square is located in the heart of Salzburg's Old Town. The Christmas market here is really one of the most romantic markets with a respectable history. It is known that local people have started organizing such markets since 1491 on Christmas time, so this is considered the oldest market in this romantic city of Salzburg. Spending the Christmas season in this city of Mozart as once stepping into fairy tales, magnificent fortresses and ancient churches around it will be a great backdrop for the story. that. The pretty small stalls are sold in the passionate atmosphere of the aroma of baked apple pie or delicious cotton candy in the market.

Salzburg's Christmas Market will give visitors a cultural experience as well as a diverse social life of the locals. Including exhibits, interesting parades of Perchten - the god that drives away demons but wearing costumes in extremely scary masks, is also a unique cultural feature here. In addition, it is indispensable for folk songs and traditional dances because Salzburg is the creator of the famous Christmas hymn "Silent night, holy night".

Christmas Market in Budapest, Hungary
The spirit of Christmas in Hungary has been high since Advent began. Right in front of Budapest's largest church, a Christmas market has been opened, welcoming people to the beautiful trails and culinary specialties combining Hungarian flavors and dishes from around the world. Highlights of this market. Typically, the "Flódni" cake is very popular, Hungarikum dumplings, burgers and fish dishes.

Christmas market here can be suitable for all ages because there is a whole skating area for children, extremely beautiful design when there is a Christmas tree in the park holding the rink. There are also lots of activities for everyone to have fun together, celebrate Christmas like dancing flashmobs, stalls selling traditional Hungarian crafts or performing light shows with modern 3D techniques, creating a sparkling multi-dimensional space right in front of St. Basil's Cathedral. Stephen, entertaining everyone every night. Another interesting point in Budapest is the market organized with the community spirit: visitors can enjoy charity concerts and items such as cups, forks, cutlery used in the stalls. The cuisine is environmentally friendly.

Christmas Market in Prague, Czech
Christmas atmosphere in this dream city is extremely memorable. People were eager to celebrate Christmas about 4 weeks in advance, and the whole city has been embellishing at the most crowded gathering places such as Old Town Square and Christmas markets will also be held here. . Like many other cities, Prague's culture will simultaneously be expressed through the atmosphere this holiday season. But most unique, the Christmas market here looks naturally closer because it has been organized for a long time.

The variety of cuisine, the drinks on sale at the market are very hearty. Guests can enjoy the traditional taste of the Czech Republic through grilled pork ribs, sausages, muffins, beer or typical specialties from local chefs. For souvenir items, there will be small toys made from wood, glass or fine blacksmiths. You can also buy all kinds of Christmas goods such as decorations, string lights, ... About entertainment activities there will be a singing program with a Christmas theme for everyone to sing together and welcome the Christmas season. Very happy.

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