In this colorful world, there are many places that can defeat your weak heart with just one landscape picture. Which converges enough neutral factors between nature, scenery and people. Hokkaido is one of those magical lands, leaving a deep impression on those who have had the opportunity to come here. And for those who have never been to Hokkaido island, the journey can be more arduous and more confusing because wherever you want to go, you have to visit it every time. If that is the case, then quickly read the following 10 popular Hokkaido sightseeing destinations to choose from for your perfect trip.

It is no exaggeration to say that this is the royal road of Hokkaido because the streets here are arranged very neatly like a beautiful chessboard. As the gateway to the island from Tokyo and Osaka via New Chitose Airport, this city attracts a large number of tourists to attend the famous Sapporo Ice Festival, held every February in Tainan. Sapporo Himagaoka literature often goes around art parks such as Moeranuma Park, Nakajima Park - a place that preserves many cultural values ​​of Hokkaido people.

In addition, in the city of Sapporo, there are many places to experience such as Maruyama Zoo, Northern Sapporo Safari, visitors can directly contact with animals, typically with white bears and owls. Or for those who want to get closer to nature, they can go to Maeda forest, this space will take you to a completely different world.

As a small city with many sights scattered around Otaru Canal taciturn. The small, winding canal along the streets makes for the most romantic walk, where you can hand-knit with your lover for a walk in the sunset. Or if you are a couple who loves food, you definitely cannot stop visiting the famous sushi street, which existed since the 80s of the last decade until now there have been more than 100 sushi shops in the street. this special.

If you want to enjoy the scenery of the whole city of Otaru at night, you can climb the mountains of Otaru Tengu and Miruzaki. Or if you want to find a nostalgic and classic feeling, go to Otaru Music Box - The museum of the very special music boxes and NYK Line - the flashy passenger ship built before the war.

Furano & Biei
As the connection between the image of Hokkaido and lavender, Furano and Biei emerged as a top destination for this Japanese tourism because of the colorful lavender fields. Each of the brilliant curves of the field captivates visitors here and the time of July is the most blossoming season of lavender. Besides, there are a few green vineyards nursery, full of blooming in the spring. It is true that Furano knows how to charm people from these natural features.

And Biei is known as the "city of the hill" when the paintings of this place, from flowers to landscapes are all painted on the hills. In addition, in recent years, Biei has also emerged with a wonderful destination that is hard to describe, Biei Blue Lake, attracted by the strange blue water. In fact, it is a dam built on the main stream of the Bieigawa River and the blue color is due to the influence of sunlight mixed into the river creating an impressive scene, rarely seen elsewhere. .

The best spring resort town of Japan, locals believe that the hot water in this town can cure many diseases. Therefore, this place is very popular with both Japanese and tourists coming to relax. What could be more wonderful than being outside a temperature of 6 degrees C and we are taking a dip in Noboribetsu hot spring water From the nearby Jigokudani mountain, visitors can see both the upstream as well as the romantic white smoke floating but accompanied by the smell of sulfur. Do not forget to bring a camera to record the magical scenery of this place.

Also in recent years, Noboribetsu is also famous for its completely natural Oyunuma hot spring. Here you can dip your feet, relax in the unique mountain space. A place for those who want to find their own space, alone in the surrounding forest.

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