Graham Holiday has had great culinary experiences throughout his career. The author of “Vietnamese cuisine recently released a new book, this time he recorded interesting discoveries about the cuisine of the beautiful Korean country.
Holiday shared with CNN the top 10 Korean dishes he rated "must try" before leaving Korea, including everything from "3-year salt kimchi" in Seoul to bibimbap dishes. strange in Busan and there is also a secret about where to find the food.

1. Kim Chi Mugeunji

Hanokjib Kimchi-jjim, a restaurant in the Seodaemun district of Seoul, is simply decorated with certificates, awards, articles, menus, and photos attached in no particular order. wall.
This restaurant only serves one dish: kimchi.
Usually kimchi is made from cabbage and radish, fermented for about 6 months or maybe longer, called mugeunji. But Mugeunji in this restaurant is fermented for up to 3 years. The kimchi here is thick, sour and the garlic smell will bring you a true traditional Korean flavor.

2. Spicy stir-fried chicken Dak galbi

Dak galbi is a mixture of fried chicken originating from the north of Chuncheon city, also known as spicy fried chicken. The dish is made on a large hot plate, each dish consists of stir-fried chicken with assorted vegetables such as cabbage, onions, minced leeks, rice cakes and sweet potatoes, the dish must be used while it is still hot and covered with a sweet sauce made from cashew nut paste, soy sauce and some turmeric. Nowadays, many places have improved by adding cheese sauce or adding seafood. Dak galbi in Chuncheon almost preserves the traditional flavor that you should try when traveling to Korea.

3. Kalguksu chicken noodle soup

Geum-Ak Kalguksu is a popular restaurant located in a small alley in Gangneung commercial area where there is a delicious Kalguksu, which is a famous Korean chicken noodle soup with thick noodles and sweet soup. , fragrant as stimulates all senses. The noodles are not pressed or spun like other noodles but are cut with a knife, made from flour, eggs and soy flour. Kalguksu can be eaten with kimchi, radish, pickled cucumbers.
At Geum-Ak Kalguksu, customers will eat in each small chamber separated by old sliding doors. The walls and roof of the restaurant were once painted white but are now covered with graffiti. Traditional restaurants like these used to be ubiquitous in Seoul, but at the current rate of growth, these types of restaurants are disappearing quickly.

4. Seonji gukbap soup

Every morning, in front of the Okya small restaurant located in Sin-sijang market, east of Andong city, there is a long line of people waiting to enjoy Seonji gukbap soup. Two large pots of boiling soup ready to scramble inside the kitchen ready to serve the customers who are waiting and waiting for the whole restaurant. You don't need to order here, because they only serve one Seonji gukbap soup. The dish is usually made with beef blood, minced garlic and chili powder. This is a nutritious food, healthy, sweet, very easy to eat should often be eaten regularly.

5. Kkomjangeo

This is a fish that looks like an eel but is actually called a rockfish. Jagalchi Fish Market in Busan is a place where you can find this fish easily, all fresh and processed on the spot, so the taste is better than other places. Kkomjangeo is best eaten fried or grilled, depending on the taste of each person that you can ask to marinate more spices, but basically this fish is very sweet and fragrant.

6. Jinju bibimbap mixed rice

Jinju city, located in the west of Busan, is a paradise of bibimbap mixed rice dishes with many different ways of processing, among which the most special is yukhoe, rice mixed with pieces of fresh red meat cut into pieces. thin pieces and mix with chutney, dried seaweed, chopped vegetables and some other ingredients, can be served with Chinese cabbage kimchi and radish kimchi.

7. Gomtang beef soup

The White House restaurant in Naju town, southeastern Korea, is famous for its premium beef soup. The beef soup here is stewed from a delicious beef, and it must be stewed for a long time so the broth has a sweet and clear taste. Beef broth is kept in a stone bowl so the heat is kept very long, the soup contains beef, beef bones, rice and shredded eggs. This is a refreshing and nutritious dish that is worth trying once in your life.

8. Soup bean sprouts Kongnamul gukbap

The southwestern city of Jeonju is famous for its bean sprouts Kongnamul gukbap. The soup is cooked with simple ingredients such as bean sprouts and eggs but the taste is not simple at all. The broth is fragrant, very pleasant to mouth, and leaves a long aftertaste. This soup is particularly good at reducing alcohol and is also easy to prepare so many people can cook at home. However, the tasting recipe of Hyundai-ok restaurant in Jeonju is really different.

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