Mount Fuji is known as one of the highest mountains in the world and of course you cannot miss the opportunity to fully capture the beauty of this mountain when traveling to Japan.

Mount Fuji with a height of 3776 meters and is also the tallest mountain in Japan to date. No wonder the near-perfect terrain of this volcano is delicious, and it is also worshiped by the locals as a sacred symbol of the country. However, in addition to climbing to get a close-up view of extremely beautiful beauty, there are also very beautiful destinations around here that you can see Mount Fuji from different angles.

The reflection on the surface of Lake Kawaguchiko

Famous as Japanese artwork, standing here you can fully admire the image of Mount Fuji tilted on the lake, sparkling fanciful.

Lake Kawaguchiko is part of the area of ​​5 lakes in Fuji and this is also one of 5 lakes with excellent views to see the whole mountain.

From the foot to the top at the Hakone Resort

Is a resort resort located near the foot of Mount Fuji is known by many tourists. Hakone is a place with abundant nature, located in Fuji Hakone Izu National Park.

 Famous for many traditional Japanese restaurants Ryokan and Onsen Yumoto Onsen. This is the paradise of various types of accommodation, from small-sized inns to majestic resorts.

Cross section in Kamaruka town
Kamakura is located opposite Sagami Bay and is a favorite destination for surfers and swimmers.

As a coastal town about 1 hour south of Tokyo, known as the "temple land" with the density of ancient temples. There is also one of the three largest Buddha images in Japan and is known as the symbol of the Great Buddha in Japan, about 11.4m high, weighing about 121 tons, carrying many sacred meanings in Buddhist beliefs. Japan.

Take a tour of the seaside to admire the faint Mount Fuji through the clouds and immerse yourself in the peaceful, fresh sea breeze.

Directly on the beautiful Enoshima island
As a small island in Sagama Bay with a beautiful landscape surrounded by the sea and a view of Fuji in front, this is a familiar destination for every summer of tourists and locals.

Standing right on the island and looking at the direction of Mount Fuji can only say that this is truly a foreground, a masterpiece that nature bestowed rather than simply a mountain next to an island.

From the foot to the top in the old village came out from the Oshino Hakkai paintings

It will be a mistake if traveling to Japan but ignoring the ancient village hidden at the foot of Mount Fuji, because from here you also do not miss the view of Mount Fuji from the foot to the top of the mountain, famous with breathtaking scenery, interesting customs and ancient traditions, still intact. This is an old village coming out of the picture because if one saw it with their own eyes, no one would dare to believe that this masterpiece existed.

The perfect Oshino Hakkai population, simple from the gardens, corn, young green tea to the rows of yellow canola flowers, the bonsai area surrounding the village. In the middle of the houses is a lake of emerald green, a transparent blue that has never been seen hidden between the green grass with many kinds of algae, aquatic species. If the dragon palace is usually only seen on TV, then here you will be able to see with your own eyes how real the glitter in real life is. The village is famous for its 8 special lakes, whose bottom structure is mainly magma due to the geological tectonic process and is nourished by the melting snow and ice from Mount Fuji.

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