Myanmar always appears in the minds of people as a charming and mysterious land, exuding from the deep, barren shades of brown that every photo of Myanmar brings. For Burmese tourists, beauty and culture as a treasure that everyone is eager to set foot on to conquer and explore, they are always waiting to discover a new and attractive place. Myanmar, however, always satisfied those steps. Among the many interesting things, here are a summary of 11 points about Buddha Land that you should know before starting your trip!

Most Burmese people spend some time in their lives practicing spiritually
Because Buddhism is considered a national religion in this country, accounting for more than 89% of the population, in many localities, ritual and religious activities are held very much, especially in festive seasons such as Thinyan, Chinese New Year water splashing. Most people here will also become monks and nuns for a few days and at least once in their lives. They become a monk or a nun, have to shave their heads and live in a temple or monastery like a true monk. It is considered an important event, for them to be grateful to their parents, to life and to themselves. Family members and relatives will witness and be with them as they decide to become a monk, such as shaving their hair, eyebrows, bathing and blessing them for the coming days of spiritual practice.

The nation has a sacred land with more than 2,000 neatly lined clothes
Located 30 miles from Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State is Kakku, the empire of old architecture and devotion to Buddhism. With an area of ​​less than 1 square km, it has a total of 2,548 stupas and pagodas. Scientists say the first towers here were built at the same time as the stupa population in Bagan - that is, around the 12th century. Although some temples and statues have been damaged by the influence of nature. But most of this heritage site is still intact. Also because it is quite narrow, this sanctuary will give visitors a feeling of being lost in the past, in a maze of mossed stupas over time.

Birthday is not an important event in Burmese culture
Maybe in some other cultures, the birthday is celebrated grandly, marking a new age of life. But that does not happen often in Myanmar because the milestone of adding a new age will be the time people spend to go to the temple to pray, to do charity or simply be with ordinary relatives and friends like other days.

Unique way of sailing on Inle Lake and the art of balancing the peak
Inle (or Inlay) in Myanmar language means a large lake, located in the center of Shan State, about 889 m above sea level, surrounded by high mountains, and covering an area of ​​about 220 square km. This impressive image of the lake is a picture of people living on the lake, sailing with one leg on a small canoe, which has become a typical cultural feature of the lake.

The dolphins on the Irrawaddy River help people catch fish
Several groups of dolphins of the same species on the Irrawaddy River are also found in other parts of the world, but in Myanmar, the most special. Considered as an associate of the fishermen here, the dolphins will participate daily in fishing with humans when they use the net toss and the dolphin will lead the fish towards the fishermen when there is Audio signals from their side. But now, this dolphin is in danger because only about 60-70 individuals were recorded in the Irrawaddy River, other places are also very few.

Releasing is a way to bring good luck to life in Myanmar
Many people believe that the more they do good things every day, the better their life will be. And freeing animals, giving them freedom is a way to get there. Walking on Myanmar's streets, you will see many bird cages for very cheap prices, in a cage is a small flock of birds waiting for you to open the door and soar into the sky.

The street vendor is a true street artist
In addition to selling bird cages for release, the streets of Myanmar also sell many other diverse items such as rice cakes, brooms and fresh ingredients to make toys. Each seller has a separate listing for each item they sell and there are many unique ways of arranging such as putting on the head. This is considered a charming culture of Myanmar people when showing their ingenuity.

The tradition of drinking tea is an important part of waking up in Myanmar
Not a nest egg cake in MC Donald's, but a traditional tea shop is a popular place for quick, neat and quick mornings. Just order a Mohingya bowl of rice vermicelli or a few pieces of rice cakes and a cup of hot tea for a delicious, energetic breakfast.

In Myanmar, tea is not only for drinking but also for cooking
Laphet in Burmese is fermented tea or pickled tea leaves, which is an ingredient used in cooking, bringing reputation to Myanmar cuisine to the international community because very few countries people eat tea leaves instead of used to drink as usual. The pickled tea leaves are used in salads mixed with roasted nuts, with some garlic, chili and a few cloves are the favorite dishes in this country.

The quintessence of Myanmar cuisine will be encapsulated in a mixed salad
This is a unique blend because of the diversity of its own materials and influenced by its neighbors. A little from India, Thailand and China can be found in every flavor here. Traditional Burmese meals will often consist of a strong blend of sour and salty flavors, expressed through a few stems. The salad here is not only a salad, but also a combination of many other vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, ....

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