Every year, in October, millions of tourists come to North America with the desire to admire the magical colors of nature. This is the time when the rows of maple leaves "compete" in yellow, charming red dyeing the sky and earth, making millions of hearts flutter.

American autumn horizon

When the fall knocked on the door, the states of the United States suddenly became more colorful with forests changing their leaves. If you love autumn, go to Boston - the most beautiful place to see autumn in the United States to bask in the sweet yellow sunshine or the passionate red of maple leaves changing season. The city has a long history of culture with many ancient architectural styles characterized by red bricks. It is also famous for possessing the prestigious Harvard University that has been in the dream of generations of students around the world. Everyone who comes here is also stunned by the mysterious color of space, of time, as a combination of forming a beautiful harmonious picture that is hard to put into words.

Unlike Boston, Fall Chicago brings you a different perspective on the country of flowers and flowers. It is the image of autumn that has a captivating beauty and abundant energy that encompasses the landscape, especially in October when the leaves from green turn yellow, orange, and red to engulf the whole city in bright colors. tien. Not magnificent, the pure Washington DC autumn is like a picture of nature in front of the eyes with iridescent yellow on the roads, parks and buildings of the US Congress that make everyone fall in love. See New York Fall in Central Park, you will find Autumn is very gentle. Take a stroll around the park by horse carriage or stroll through the stone bridges covered with red vines, wooden bridges spanning streams covered with yellow leaves to admire the romantic panoramic view of Autumn.

Autumn paintings of the United States seem to be more perfected by the spectacular beauty of the Niagara Falls, which blends in the yellow and red of the trees running along the banks. Niagara Falls paints a vivid picture of nature.

Canada - when Autumn knocks on the door

The impressive colors of the "Autumn Forest" with the smooth roads full of maple leaves can be found throughout Canada in October. It is the warm yellow, lemon yellow, canary yellow, dreamy gold knitting. alternating bright red, burgundy, crimson colors create a poetic picture like in a fairy domain. Autumn Vancouver is beautiful with streets filled with colorful maple leaves creating a brilliant scenery during the day with sunlight through the foliage or even at night under the sparkling street lights.

Just like Vancouver, the autumn painting comes alive right on the streets of Montréal. Maple leaves are everywhere, dyed with a lovely red, orange yellow, interspersed with ancient houses to create a splendid scenery. The autumn paintings not only exist in the city, on the high hills, but you also clearly see the beauty through the maple trees hundreds of kilometers along the highway. Whether you just stop by the road to admire or rush through, the scenery here is enough to captivate you.

Famous for its rich vegetation with intermingled river systems, and picturesque mountain ranges, Algonquin Park in the state of Ontario truly bursts in the charming Autumn colors with the wonderful contrast of red and color. The yellow maple leaves and the dark green leaves reflect on the calm water.

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