Autumn comes to the land of kimchi, bringing so many beautiful scenery to the heart. This is an opportunity for visitors to fully explore the romantic Autumn painting in Korea, admire the miraculous changing foliage in the majestic Seorak mountains, the Dream Forest dream garden, the yellow leaf path. also Deoksu ...

Seorak - Autumn Heart
Seorak National Park is home to many of the most spectacular views of nature and earth in Korea. High mountains, stretching across four towns in Gangwon Province, mingling with the winding rivers to flow into majestic white waterfalls, have created a romantic and closed Seorak. Not stopping there, visitors will not be surprised to see the maple trees, the birch trees grow luxuriantly beside the blue waterfall, the tiny white bubbles create a faint mist screen in the morning dew. . Visit the most beautiful place in Seorak - The ruins of Gwongeumseong fortress and a panoramic view of the Cheonbuldong valley, this is a way to help visitors see the Autumn season in Seorak with red maple trees interspersed with Autumn leaves amazingly beautiful gold.

Dream Forest dream garden
Is the first large-scale green park created in the Gangbuk area. Surrounding the park are rows of brilliant cherry blossom trees in the spring. In the fall, the park is covered with a reddish-yellow color of red maple trees. Southeast of the park also preserves the old Hanok houses surrounded by lotus pond. In addition, the park also has an artificial waterfall, Aewoljeong floor, Wolgwang waterfall, green grass square, botanical area, and a water park system. The observatory of the park used to be the filming site for "Iris", where you can see Mount Bukhansan, Mount Dobongsan, Mount Suraksan ..

Jeju - Sea lyrics
Jeju - a beautiful island, known as a resort paradise with beautiful scenery, peaceful, blue beaches always full of sunshine and wind. It's no coincidence that Jeju is called the island of romance, and there are many different colors and colors in autumn. It is not only the red of the maple forest, but also the white stretching along the road of the grasses waving in the wind. Visitors certainly can not miss the famous destinations in Jeju in the fall such as the romantic Saryeoni forest, the unique mully pink meadows at Norimae Park, or the second largest Sangumburi marsh field in Korea. to have quality "check in" photos.

Songwol-dong fairy village
No need to ask for a ticket about childhood, just come to this colorful village, you will suddenly feel like you are small, innocent and innocent. Songwol-dong Village is divided into 10 different zones, each of which is a fairy tale with its own unique nuances. The village streets are colorful with fairy-themed graffiti paintings, such as princesses, princes, castles, characters from children's comics, and impressive animal statues. However, the feeling when walking on the streets like a maze with gravel, surrounded by countless bright colors also makes visitors of any age feel excited.

Experience the Mangwon food market, make kimchi, wear hanbok
Mangwon is a traditional market famous for its ability to trade with the local community, providing an exchange environment between different generations and families through an integrated cultural space. Here, visitors can enjoy delicious Korean food such as spicy rice cakes, fish cakes, pork leg, fried chicken wings, croquettes and gimbap that attract diners from all ages. During the Korean travel journey, visitors also experience hand-made and tasted kimchi, a dish considered as the national spirit of the people of this country, present in every family meal; Experience wearing hanbok national costume ...


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